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Generators and mapmaking

Inkarnate – Map making tools
Planet Map Generator
How to make SVG maps - Journal Article - ConWorkShop
D&D Maps for anyone who needs it.  - Album on Imgur
Drawing maps
Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou
Coat of arms generator
Build up a Shield from Parts | DrawShield
Fantastic Maps - Fantasy maps and mapmaking tutorials by Jonathan Roberts
City Creator - Build
Roleplaying City Map Generator | Inkwell Ideas
Procedural City Generation - Projects
Experilous: Planet Generator (Version 2, 2015/04/07)
Speed Distance Time Calculators
donjon; Fantasy Random Town Generator
donjon; Fantasy World Generator
donjon; d20 Demographics Calculator
donjon; Random Adventure Generator
donjon; Fantasy Random Prophecy
donjon; Medieval Demographics Calculator
NationStates • View topic - Historical Population Reference Resource
E-Z Fantasy world generator -
Map Building Deck v1.0 - Album on Imgur
Alien Civilizations map


Erste Saharkonferenz™️ - Google Docs
Vaniuan Board Game Rules - Google Docs
Qonklese Culture - Google Docs
Sahar Content – Google Drive
Jute thread - Board post - ConWorkShop
Gfiewistan thread - Board post - ConWorkShop
Rietic languages and diachronics - Google'i arvutustabelid
PSJ - Google'i arvutustabelid
sanju-jutean languages - Google Tabellen
PTP from PSA - Proto-Saru-Asuran - Google Tabellen
Proto-Trans-Puzimm - Google Tabellen
Juteball comic - Board post - ConWorkShop
GeneRally in Jutean
Jutean script
Jutean Cursive as done by Vise
Jutean Verbs - Journal Article - ConWorkShop
Syntax in Jutean: view article - ConWorkShop
Gfiewish Allophony - View Article - ConWorkShop
Adzo-Neviric Script: view article - ConWorkShop

I'm developing a 100% free, local, OSS, and cross-OS worldbuilding app for your worlds and roleplaying campaigns! : worldbuilding
worldbuilding guides
World Building Guide Cheatsheet I for Writers and World builders
I noticed the The Zaharam-Chapelle-Parunas Ethnographical Questionnaire website is down, so here is it, just in case anyone needs it.: worldbuilding
Worldbuilding Compilation Part 1 - Horror - Album on Imgur
White Marble Block: Applying History #1: The Island Builders
20 World Building Questions for Authors to ask Themselves
Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions - SFWA
The Great Ethnographical Questionnaire in Concultures - ConWorkShop
The Deal with Cities - Google'i dokumendid
China Construction Kit
NationStates | Telegram | Guide to writing about new religions
I see some people having problems designing laws and I think the problem is people view those as guidelines of society and now extension of it. Let me explain. : worldbuilding
J_Webb's World-building Challenge: May 2015 : worldbuilding
What makes for a compelling/interesting Lore post? : worldbuilding
Public Service Announcement: Words to avoid when describing your world. : worldbuilding
Geoff Eddy’s Climate Cookbook | Astrographer
How to Design Your Climates - Album on Imgur
Biome diversity chart throughout a world - Imgur
NationStates • View topic - Guide to a Wiki-Style Factbook, Embassies, and Consulates
NationStates • View topic - How to Build a Region
NationStates • View topic - About Nation Creation and Categories **SPOILER ALERT**
NationStates • View topic - Welcome to International Incidents!
NationStates | Poll (Renegade Islands Alliance • What is your favourite RP time period?)
NationStates • View topic - [Info] Book of the Multiverse²
alternate_history:historical_misconceptions [Alternate History Wiki]
Speculative biomechanics - Speculative Evolution Wiki
11.0 - Extraterrestrial Biomechanics: including Avian Propulsion (11.3.3)
How would a creature breathe or otherwise create fire? : monsterdeconstruction
My idea for how wheeled animals could evolve : SpeculativeEvolution
What would a more realistic dragon look like? : monsterdeconstruction
Describe one of your animals/monsters without saying what it looks like. : worldbuilding
The Writer's Group - Question: About (something)-mancies [types of magic] -

Rp and story writing advice

If you are a writer, and you have a novel idea that you are excited about writing, write it.
Player's Basic Rules | Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeon Master's Basic Rules | Dungeons & Dragons
RPG BOT - DnD 3.5 - Introductory Adventure
Dungeonomicon (DnD Other)/Economicon - D&D Wiki
Roleplaying Tips for game masters for all role-playing systems
NationStates | Dispatch | Renegadeville
100Q to Develop a Character by Iciaa on DeviantArt
Character Questionnaire - Soronlin
The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test
On Writing Mentally Ill & Insane Characters -
Writing Tips: How to Make a Monster -
(1) Megan aura on Twitter: "One of the biggest thing I’ve learned about writing is how characters interact and the chemistry they give off. If you plan on writing stories, Characters are your main focus in every aspects, personality, roles, development, but interaction with other characters is always key." / Twitter
Writing Better Female Characters | Now Novel
Introducing 'The Kent Test' for Female Characters of Color in the Stories We Tell | The Mary Sue
Random plot points.
How To Write A Novel Using The Snowflake Method
Ronald Knox: 10 Commandments of Detective Fiction - Gotham Writers Workshop
Niven's Laws and Niven's Laws for Writers - Known Space: The Future Worlds of Larry Niven
Ezn's Guide to writing (fan-)fiction
How to write a great story - Album on Imgur
Periodic Table of Storytelling
White Marble Block
White Marble Block: Helpful Resources (for writing)
telling vs. showing, describing body types, writing dystopias, vampires, three fundamentals of story writing, bad writing advice, writing minorities/characters from other regions of the world
food worldbuilding, myths & urban legends, what to do with bad writing advice,
Tools for Writers
Big List of Resources for Fantasy Writers: fantasywriters
Ursula K. Le Guin: Some Assumptions about Fantasy
Most Common Writing Mistakes - Helping Writers Become Authors
Using Your Conlang Without Ruining Your Story – Mythcreants
The Craft of Writing: Paragraphs (Part 1) -
Catapult | Finding the Words: on writing and amnesia | Mensah Demary
Writing Advice by Chuck Palahniuk: Do not use "thought" or "wanted"-like verbs, describe the details that lead to the thought or wish
On Being Stuck - Soronlin
Writing Tips: Learn to Accept When a Scene Isn't Working and Walk Away for a Bit -
But For the Grace of Tuche: Why Writers Should Avoid the Temptations of Caricature – Nuclear Unicorn

Alternate History and Speculative Science

stories:general_index_of_stories [Alternate History Wiki]
Alternate History: European economics without Nazism, WW2 and Stalin going West - Alternate History Discussion Board
Alternative History: World without Dschingis Khan (Summary)
Alternate History : Wolfworld
Chaos - Alternative History
Wikihistory by Desmond Warzel |
AH Challenge: The Weimar Republic Survives TL - Page 80 - Alternate History Discussion Board
AHF - Alternate History Fiction
Reds: A Revolutionary Timeline [A successful socialist revolution in the United States in the year 1933]- Alternate History Discussion Board
Alternate World Table of Elements [first draft] : worldbuilding
[Humanoid bipedal bird with separate wings and arms] Would something like this be biologically feasible? : worldbuilding
xkcd • View topic - Biotechnology for zerg, Na'vi etc types: tough sans titanium
xkcd • View topic - Speculative biology -- the affairs of dragons
Warp-Antrieb: Warum Captain Kirk fremde Welten rösten würde - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wissenschaft
Cassini (SEAPOLE but XKCD)
Uchronia: Imagining an Alternate History Where a Malian Emperor Discovered America | VICE | United States

Ace Attorney

A Message from Shu Takumi! - The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - YouTube
The Story of the Real Life Ace Attorney Trial - YouTube
How Phoenix Wright took inspiration from YAOI - YouTube
Edgeworth - Awkward Objection - YouTube
Ace Attorney Theater ~ Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney #02 (2/2) - YouTube
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies - investigation gameplay [3DS] - YouTube
Let's Dub Ace Attorney Investigations Pt. 22 - Competitive Investigating - YouTube
Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies Let's Dub Pt 46: LOUUUUD NOISEEEES - YouTube
Apollo is such a cinnamon roll… : AceAttorney
Why do you gotta be so pure? : AceAttorney
Dragon's Lair, "I'm fine" - Apollo Justice
May my ♥ be my guiding 🗝. — Apollo Justice from the Ace Attorney games and my...
Journey to the west: The Search for the Kingdom of Khura'in
Khura'inese language : Kingdom of Khura'in (GS6)
Khura'inese Writing 2: Hells, Laws, and Pohlkunka! : AceAttorney
Klavier Gavin ~ Guilty Love [Featuring Toshiyuki Kusuda] - YouTube
Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials! [Featuring KENN] - YouTube
Phoenix Wright vs. Franziska von Karma ~ Farewell, My Turnabout Stage Play (English/Español) - YouTube
PW: Conflict of Interest (Full game complete) : Games
(1) C (▽・ᴥ・▽) @ nrmts doujin on ko-fi! on Twitter: "I'm delighted to announce that I finally finished my little doujin project and it's now available to purchase on my ko-fi shop! Thank you very much for your patience and interest 😭❤ 🛒" / Twitter
Rica Diaz 🌼 on Twitter: "Some ace attorney commissions i've finished ( > u o ) /" / Twitter
カエル💜⚖️❤️忙 on Twitter: "#AceAttorney" / Twitter
(1) Wari on Twitter: "The Virtual Turnabout" / Twitter
VI 🏳️‍🌈 @ zines & comms on Twitter: "#klapolloweek2021 day 5: parallels (lingering effects)" / Twitter
yeah can i get uhhhh
Eveh's trash art dump — Apollo and Rabbits (Part 2/3): 'Pollo and Clay
ace attorney doodles
zarla - Hobbyist, General Artist | DeviantArt
red (@red_gynoid) • Instagram photos and videos
modmad: I mean don’t get me wrong I loved the game... - Everything I draw ends up wearing a bow-tie
The Gay or European Turnabout (Ace Attorney Online) - YouTube is a gift - YouTube
AI Desperately Attempts to Create Ace Attorney Case and actually does Okay - YouTube
I Let An AI Write an Ace Attorney Case, and it was DEVASTATING - YouTube
I make an AI write a couple Phoenix Wright scenarios - YouTube
AI Dungeon corrupts Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - The First Turnabout ( - YouTube
Tried to do my own Ace Attorney story, this immediately happened. : AIDungeon
Blue Badger Dance - YouTube