Story ideas at various levels of development. Some may or may not be allegories.


Imagine investigating a gruesome murder as a detectivewith amnesia and as you collect evidence and slowly regain your memories it dawns on you what really happened... you were the murderer all along, but while fleeing the scene you had an accident on the road that took your memory.


You live a good, normal life with friends and family, but something feels increasingly off. Shadows of objects seem impossible, colors bleeding out, people talking about things to you that make no sense for them to say or that they have no way of knowing and you feel as if you slowly lose touch with reality... until you wake up in a hospital where you realize that not just everything and everyone you knew were just in your head, even your own shape and very identity was entirely imaginary, a result of trying to cope with a traumatic experience that you suppressed but subconsciously blamed yourself for the entire time

(inspired by that one Reddit post and also many similar “waking up in an asylum” fanfictions.


Imagine, you wake up in an your bedroom as a complete stranger to yourself, but everyone at home treats you as if nothing weird has happened.

The same is true on the street. As normal, weird machines can be seen everywhere, people offering them to perform services that promise you to become more focused and productive, regain lost memories or help with anger. The kingdom has a long history of financing such "mental engineering" and the royal court has even made many inventions of their own.

However, it somehow disturbs you today. As you try to go to a thrift store to distract yourself from your issues, you came across some old clothes that you feel yourself weirdly drawn to, as if they were your old favorites that were thrown out by your parents long ago.

You also find, hidden in a box in a dark corner with an unassuming protective cover, a book that divulges a big secret of the world to you that seems to contradict what the royal court of your homeland claims. You get them both for yourself, put the clothes on, and carry the book visibly on your way outside. As you go outside and back home to read, you walk through a number of backalleys to avoid the gaze of people that feels weirdly piercing.

At one point, someone jumps on you, screaming "Duck!" and just in that moment you hear a gunshot and see a shadowy figure had in fact a gun pointed at you and is now running away.

"The kingdom's secret police doesn't take kindly to people who could be exposing secrets that they see as threatening their power. What were you thinking walking like this with that kind of book in the open?"
After walking to a secluded cafe together, and talking for a while, you realize that the person who saved your life has experienced something similar and you become friends and decide to figure out what happened, despite the dangers.

It turns out that both of you, and several other people, accidentally exposed the kingdom's current queen's central claim to legitimacy as fake when you were small children participating in a royal ceremony who had wandered off at one point.

You ended up being kidnapped and were only allowed to return to your families after you had your memories supplanted with those of a completely different person with one of their inventions, and your parents and relatives coerced into going along with the sham. Books on the subject were banned.

Only now, a decade later, the effect had worn off, leaving you very confused and somehow Public Enemy No. 1. But together you manage to get enough people on your side and during a big diplomatic summit the fake queen is exposed as the secret is revealed and the real one is for the first time shown publicly.


"One morning, you wake up in the arms of a man who addresses you as a royal princess. There's just one problem: You have no idea how you ended up there. The last thing you remember is being a merchant at the border crossing, leaving, with no more business in the country. And being a man."


One day, you, a previously middle-aged scientist, find yourself in the body of a young teenager again. You keep trying to explain the situations to your peers and boast about your discoveries and inventions but they all laugh at you. You are determined to prove them wrong only to over the course of your investigations meet someone who is clearly yourself, but at the proper age!

They take flight once you have finished explaining. In their lab you find out that you were the unsuspecting victim of a nightly abduction and an unethical experiment where that scientist tried to make themselves younger by copying their memories into a young teenager. However, they didn't manage to transfer their consciousness, so there were now two people believing themselves to be the same person. The professor tried to cover up their mistake by simply returning you to your home after the failed experiment.

(Directly inspired by Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva)


Ju Te had always loved hilly Point 10 with its jolly, jittery jungle. […] Emma gazed with the affection of 9657 cute lonely lizards. She said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want thick pancakes." Ju looked back, even more active and still fingering the crumpled hawk. "Emma, pancakes are flat and thin," he replied. They looked at each other with ashamed feelings, like two friendly, fair foxes diving at a very controlling Meetup at Point 10, which had drum and bass music playing in the background and two creepy uncles dating to the beat.

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