Jutean – Tropical Saa. The Wave Language

Atoato nadefa, saini a uke!Welcome!

This website is all about Jutean, a conlang I started in June 2015 set on a tropical island called Jute.

"Saa" means wave in the language, but is also a core part of their traditional philosophy and religion, which can be read about here. Many words in Jutean are derived from 'wave', such as to think, person, science, health or space. See here for a more exhaustive, but not complete list.

It has an extensive dictionary with more than 4,800 entries, the exotic Austronesian alignment, some characteristics of active-stative languages, no tenses, no number (except in personal pronouns) and three noun genders - common, abstract and ‘wild’.


  • Read a poem written in Jutean here
  • See texts written in Jutean about various subjects, ranging from romance, to a recipe for a sweet breakfast, to a story on the origin of coconut fiber here
  • Find a translation of the script of the famous 'history of Japan' video here

Feel free to message any questions or comments to jute [at] posteo.de, I’d really enjoy getting to know more people and improve my conlang!
(Photo Credit: Gossipguy on Wikimedia Commons)