Jutean – Tropical Saa. The Wave Language

Atoato nadefa, saini a uke!Welcome!

This website is all about Jutean, a conlang I started in June 2015 set on a tropical island called Jute.

"Saa" means wave in the language, but is also a core part of their traditional philosophy and religion. Many words in Jutean are derived from 'wave', such as to think, person, science, health or space. See here for a more exhaustive, but not complete list.

It has an extensive dictionary with more than 4,800 entries, the exotic Austronesian alignment, some characteristics of active-stative languages, no tenses, no number (except in personal pronouns) and three noun genders - common, abstract and ‘wild’.


  • Find a translation of the famous 'history of Japan' video here
  • Read a poem written in Jutean here

Feel free to message any questions or comments to jute [at] posteo.de, I’d really enjoy getting to know people here and improve my conlang!
(Photo Credit: Gossipguy on Wikimedia Commons)